Green Card
If you intend to take your vehicle outside the UK after 31st December 2020, or you'll be returning after this date, you will no longer have the benefit of automatic insurance cover and will now need a Green Card. A Green Card is an international certificate of insurance that proves your UK motor insurance and gives you the minimum level of cover needed in the country you're visiting, you will be required to contact our adjustments team on 01708 208016 to obtain this prior to travel. Fees may also apply.

Furthermore, please be advised, not only will green cards be a necessity, it will also be a requirement that driver’s must have an International Driving Permit with them at all times along with their usual licence. The destination determines what permit is required and what timeframe the permit is valid for and can only be obtained through the Post Office, these are also not available online.

For more information on this, please see below link:

Some Key Points to remember when travelling outside of the UK:
  • Green Cards must be physically presented in the country of travel, as a hard copy, and cannot be presented in a digital format or soft copy.
  • Only printed original Green Cards will be accepted in the country of travel, not copies of any kind.
  • Cover in the vehicle abroad is only permitted for Social Domestic and Pleasure use, no business usage.
  • Please ensure a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice is given prior to travel for administrative purposes.
  • In addition to a Green Card, all drivers will require an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) which can be obtained from The Post Office. Without both documents, the vehicle will not be allowed in to the country.
  • If a trailer is being used a separate green card is required.

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